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About the Biotech Sector

The biotech sector plays a crucial role in the medical industry by developing groundbreaking technological solutions to deal with viruses, strengthening the immune system, and conducting experiments in genetics and the study of cells and proteins in the body. These efforts aim to identify and treat genetic defects, viruses, and diseases that have not yet been discovered, and prevent them from spreading. The secrets to preventing and treating these diseases lie deep within the human body.


The biotech sector at the Israel Export Institute offers variety of services and opportunities to the Israeli industry:

  • Creating business opportunities in international markets through B2B meetings, exhibitions and delegations
  • Encouraging research and development in various incubators
  • Launching connections in the ecosystem, with authorities and government representatives
  • Targeted scouting and making connections with industries and potential business partners
  • Access to databases and business intelligence
  • Providing advice and individual support for export and international marketing

Did you know?

In 2022, the scope of investments in the field of biotech in Israel is estimated at 1.1 billion dollars, which is an increase of about 33% compared to 2021? Moreover, the revenues of the biotech industry in the world in 2021 are estimated at 216.7 billion dollars. Finally, investments in the global biotech industry in 2020-2021 increased by approximately 39.6% in areas such as anti-aging, nanotechnology, fertility treatments, and CRISPR diagnostics.


Ron Pando

Ron Pando

Head of Biotech and Dental Sectors

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