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Gary Fowler, CEO and co-founder of and Award-winning serial entrepreneur and investor, Gary has built 17 companies, two Unicorns and a successful IPO. Gary was on the original management team of ClickSoftware that was recently sold to SalesForce for 1.35 billion as well as the

Dr. Leon Eisen, WBAF Senator, Founder & Executive Chairman at Oxitone. Leon is an inventor, serial entrepreneur, C-level executive and speaker with 20+ years of strong technology, management, business and leadership experience. He is an affiliate member at Royal Society of Medicine and IEI mentor. He has more than 30 patents worldwide and author of 20 scientific publications. Leon invented and successfully commercialized the world’s first FDA-cleared Ulnar Bone PPG Holter monitor. Recently, he was appointed as a Senator to Israel at World Business Angel Investment Forum (Affiliated partner of the G20).

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דגל גרמניה - סיוע ליצואנים המייצאים לגרמניה

סיפורן של כלכלות משלימות - עם הנספחת הכלכלית בברלין - 13.9.23

דגל פנמה - מכון היצוא יכול לספק לעסקים מקומיים כלים ומידע ליצוא מוצרים לפנמה

עשיית עסקים עם פנמה - 13.9.23

Medical products registration and sales in China - 7.9.23

Rio Innovation Week

Rio Innovation Week