Importing "Made in China" products into the U.S.


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Join us for a hands-on session that will focus on supply chain and duty mitigation strategies. We will discuss what companies importing into the U.S. can do to manage the risk of heightened enforcement of the prohibition of importing goods made with forced labor and to reduce the additional tariffs on products manufactured in China.

About the Speaker:

Laura Siegel Rabinowitz is a member of Greenberg Traurig's International Trade Group.

Laura Rabinowitz counsels domestic and multinational businesses on complex supply chain issues and other complicated challenges associated with trade.

Laura advises on supply chain strategies including the enforcement of forced-labor and the mitigation of tariffs on Chinese-made products, helps clients navigate the maze of regulations, customs, and other government agency scrutiny, as well as the broad array of commercial and enforcement laws and policies administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Prior to entering private practice, Laura served as an attorney with U.S. Customs’ Office of the Assistant Chief Counsel, representing Customs in litigation in the Court of International Trade.

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