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Italy, Milano

The economic trade mission presents an opportunity for Israeli startups:

They have been contacted by the team of Gellify


Gellify is going to launch the 3rd call for startups for the program FORWARD FACTORY.


Forward Factory is the accelerator dedicated to startups developing products or solutions in digital manufacturing.


Born out of an initiative by CDP Venture Capital through its Accelerators Fund, Forward Factory is managed by GELLIFY and has the participation of leading corporate partners and investors such as Azimut Libera Impresa through Digitech Fund, Comer Industries, Angelini Industries, SCM Group, Vis Hydraulics, Poggipolini, Auxiell, Industrio Ventures, an accelerator specializing in hardware startups, and EIT Manufacturing, an ecosystem of leading European manufacturing players, as an ecosystem enabler.


To startups Forward Factory offers equity investment, 6-month acceleration program, PoC with partner companies and access to a network of founders, Subject Matter Experts, investors and mentors from the entrepreneurial, digital and manufacturing worlds.


more information:

startup application form:


They would like to invite the Israeli startups that:

  • have developed a B2B digital product, to be applied and implemented in production areas and manufacturing processes
  • cover technologies such as Blockchain, AR/VR, Modeling and Simulation, Cloud Computing, Industrial IoT, AI, Cyber Security, Digital Robotics
  • Have Italian or foreign nationality with the intention to launch in Italy (legal headquarters in Italy is required to participate)
  • have Stage seed/pre-seed, with a valuation <2mio €
  • have developed a solution with TRL between 5 and 7
  • have interested in equity investment from the accelerator and in developing POCs with partner companies
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