Strategic Business Connection Israel – Panama


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אירוע יחסי ישראל פנמה - מרץ 2022

The Panama Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture of Panama in collaboration with The Israeli Embassy in Panama, are hosting a Zoom webinar titled “Strategic Business Connection Israel – Panama”,

with the goal of connecting with Israeli companies looking to explore business opportunities with Panama, take advantage of Panama´s strategic position to develop business in the region, and participate in EXPOCOMER, the International Trade Fair that will take place in March 23 – 26, 2022

EXPOCOMER’s exhibition will be in 3 main categories:

• Food, Beverage, Agriculture, and related products and services;

• Textile, Clothes and Accessories;

• Technology and Electronics.

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אירוע יחסי ישראל פנמה - מרץ 2022



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